13 Essential Tools for RV Kitchens

13 Essential Tools for RV Kitchens

There are a lot of things that I miss about cooking in my full-sized kitchen, but I have come to realize that more important than the amount of space you have, is having the right tools in your arsenal. Working in such tight quarters means that you have to be more selective about the appliances and tools that you decide to bring into your RV kitchen. Every item that you do choose needs to be multi-functional and necessary. Living in your RV is a lifestyle choice, but with the right tools, it doesn’t have to be one that restricts your creativity and functionality in the kitchen. Below are 13 essential tools for RV kitchens and they will help you make the most of the space you are working with!

1. A Good Chef Knife

Chef Knife

Chopping fruits and vegetables becomes a chore when you are trying to do it with a dull knife. Buy yourself a good chef knife and sharpen it regularly. (Luckily my son comes to dinner once a week and does that job for me) You don’t need a whole set of expensive knives to make a meal that is a success.

2. Ninja Foodi

Ninja Foodi

Where have you been all my life?! This multifunctional appliance combines the functionality of a pressure cooker, crock pot, rice cooker, and air fryer all in one. This appliance is definitely not compact, but it stores easily under the benches at our table and it eliminates the need to store multiple appliances. You can cook entire meals with just one appliance which means less cleaning. There isn’t a week that goes by that I don’t use at least one of the functions of this appliance to make dishes like…

Crockpot bolognese sauce

Air fryer bacon-wrapped pork chops

Pork chop brine

Rice Pilaf

Air fryer salmon

3. Portable Oven with Quarter Sheet Pans and Rack

pprtable oven

We have had two RVs and the ovens in both of them have left a lot to be desired. Invest in a portable oven and a set of quarter sheet pans with a baking rack and I promise that you will be glad that you did! Bonus, you can put the oven on a table outside and you won’t have to heat up the RV while you are baking your delicious meal.

4. Stackable Mixing Bowls

set of mixing bowls with lids

Having mixing bowls that stack inside each other is a great addition to your RV kitchen. Having a set of good sturdy mixing bowls is essential in ANY kitchen, and having a set that stacks inside of each other will save a lot of space in your cabinets. This set comes with airtight lids so they can double as storage containers for leftovers or can be used for meal prepping. This will cut down on the number of food storage containers you will need.

5. Solid Wood Cutting Board

Wood cutting board

Second only to a good knife, is a good cutting board. This must-have RV kitchen accessory gives you a sturdy workspace to do all of your chopping, dicing, and mincing. You don’t want your board sliding around while you are trying to use it, so a solid wood board that won’t warp is a valuable investment. Treat it right and it will last you for years to come.

6. Collapsible Strainer

collapsible strainer

There are so many different collapsible RV kitchen accessories that make life easier. We use this collapsible colander in our RV. The handles make it easy to set on the sides of the sink which makes it a breeze to drain pasta and wash fresh produce.

7. Pot and Pans

Pots and pans

Invest in a decent set of pots and pans. You are still cooking of course! You have to have a few pots and pans to get the job done. Just make sure that the ones you choose are nonstick and compact in size. I find that I can cook a meal for 4 quite easily with this set and it doesn’t take up a ton of space.

8. A Heavy-Bottomed Oven-Proof Pan

Red Cast Iron Skillet with lid

Having a heavy-bottomed pan that can go straight from the stove into the oven is very handy. You can sear meat on the stove and then put it into the oven to finish cooking. This is a step in a lot of recipes. I also use my oven-proof skillet for making frittatas, and casseroles. Just make sure it will fit into your portable oven before you purchase one.

9. Can Opener

Can opener

An old-fashioned hand can opener is all you need. It is compact and can be stored easily in even the smallest of drawers. There is no need for a large electric can opener that will just take up valuable counter space.

10. Hand Mixer

Hand Mixer

As much as I love my Kitchen Aid stand mixer, let’s face it, they are heavy and take up a lot of space. I do still have mine, but I only pull it out for special occasions. For my everyday needs, I find that this little hand mixer does the trick. It is inexpensive and can be stored away easily.

11. Microplane Zester/Grater


This Microplane has so many useful purposes from zesting citrus to grating garlic, ginger, and parmesan cheese. I find that use mine nearly every day. It can be easily rinsed off under the sink and stored neatly away in a small drawer. It has a cover to protect the blade as well as your fingers!

12. Collapsible Food Storage Containers

collapsible food containers

These collapsible food storage containers are great for storing food both inside and outside of the fridge. The airtight vacuum seal keeps the humidity out to keep snacks such as crackers or chips from going stale. The rectangular shape helps to maximize storage space in the fridge and freezer. When not in use they collapse and store easily in your RV cabinets.

13. Water Filter

water filter

This is the in-line water filter we use under our RV kitchen sink. Most of the water we use for cooking and drinking comes from this sink and I want it to be clean and free of contaminants. Having this filter keeps us from going through so many water bottles, saving us money and a ton of space.

From cooking utensils to storage containers, every tool plays a vital role. The above 13 Essential Tools for RV Kitchens will definitely make your life easier. And with the right tools in your arsenal, your culinary creativity knows no bounds. Now let’s get cooking!

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